Dec 2 – Un/settlement

Dec 2 – Un/settlement

There’s an ongoing dismantling happening. It happens when we listen and see.

We have words for the old. The patriarchal matrix of domination. The imperialist, white, capitalist patriarchy. The entangled settler-native-slave structure.

But, the beginning is near. Where more of us stay vigilant for the old’s reassertions. Where there’s a new understanding of us and we. Where we create as we dream/act/do or don’t.

I learned something new today. I am not a descendant of immigrants. An immigrant here would speak Ojibwemowin.

In solidarity with the humans of Standing Rock and all of this earth, in an effort to educate myself and draw my voice back in shape, I vow to speak/reflect/investigate/act every day of December on the issues entangling the Dakota Excess Pipeline.

Every Day of December is a Day of ACTION January is time for pumpkin pie.

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