Dec 3…Every Day Doings

Dec 3…Every Day Doings

Today’s thoughts on things to do…every day.


Ever heard that thing about memory? That it’s not very reliable?

That’s why we document. We make and keep records we can review. We save useful information so we can access it later, refresh our memories, replace disappearing knowledge. So we have knowledge when we need it.

And we share our work with others, so knowledge spreads, so others can benefit from our efforts and give us vital feedback on our own work. We are writing the stories for our grandchildrens’ world.

We experience our reaction to the things we learn. To the pipeline too dangerous for Bismarck, but just fine for Standing Rock. To the brutality, and to the love and prayers. When we let ourselves experience our reactions, it frees us to find our next step.

This isn’t one issue, it’s not one pipeline, it’s a mass of recurring repeated injustices towards people, towards all life, towards the earth itself. And at the heart of the issue is a dis/connection from/to our living world. Not only do we need to experience the weight of that disconnection, we need to start experiencing our reconnection.

Write, call, donate, speak. Stand with Standing Rock, and also stand with White Earth, Red Lake, for Dakota, Lakota, Nakota, Numakaki, Anishinabeg, all our neighbors. Stand for the land, for the water, for the plants and animals…and for ourselves too. Hold ourselves high.

Pipelines, mining, flooding, damming, industrial farming, everyone’s back yard is a frontline. It’s all on someone’s (else’s?) homeland. Whose homeland are we on? Which projects impact us, our neighbors? What is our own role moving forward?

It’s about reclaiming our agency. Enacting our own projects, redirecting resources, taking leadership. We are who will get it done. The time is now. And the time is every day.

In solidarity with the humans of Standing Rock and all of this earth, in an effort to educate myself and draw my voice back in shape, I vow to speak/reflect/investigate/act every day of December on the issues entangling the Dakota Excess Pipeline.

Every Day of December is a Day of ACTION

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