Adventure time o’clock

Adventure time o’clock

Hey, what time is it?
It’s adventure time!

Sometimes things happen out of our control. We can try as hard as we want, and still not get the desired result. Does this have some transcendental meaning, or is it just a coincidence, misfortune? Probably we would never know. Or maybe, without knowing it, we call the universe and make it happen on a subconscious level?

Whatever it is, we have few options to react. The first feeling to arise is the anger. We want to hold the control in our hands. We don’t want to get off track. We have our plans, and simply, we are busy.

But if we accept the feeling of anger and frustration without denying it (the reasons for denying it could be because we don’t want to admit that we’re in pain, we feel stupid or being victims), realization will appear: there is another option. Maybe the new situation is an opportunity. Something new is making its way towards us. It could be anything. It could be anything.

That’s how we can slowly allow Life to come into our lives. Untie that knot and be ready. For the unknown.

So, what time is it?

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