Bread shapes

Bread shapes

Different bread shapes – loaves and buns. Two ways to score the loaf – one longitudinal cut or three to five diagonal cuts, three in this example. I burned it, otherwise beautiful. They are all sourdough products: three 500 grams (1 lb) baguettes and 5 buns (100 g/3.5 oz). Contain: Bread flour (Golden N White), Water (well), salt (good) and a pinch of magic. The magic part is not kept secret anymore, we understand now its essence, the microbe colonies of different strains, cultured in the dough (flour/water).

For short: The Culture.


This is made in an ordinary American kitchen, which is not fancy at all. It is very close to what you have, I bet. You betcha. Anyway, there is an oven, sink, counter-top, a scale, stainless-steel bowls, kitchen towels, big cutting board, plastic scrapers and a bread knife. I don’t have baking pans and a good sift, though.

What makes an amazing loaf of bread? Amazing flour! Firs ingredient out of three. Stone milled white bread flour, together with the embryo (type 650), hence the golden color and the branding. All local from the mill, happens to be organic.

Water (or whey).


Walk with me.

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